Friday, February 15, 2013

A Tribute to Judy Blume

Wednesday was Judy Blume's birthday!

I remember reading Judy Blume as a child and LOVING her. She is one of my favorite authors from my childhood. I was super excited when I got to meet her! I actually met her twice, once at a conference and once at a bookstore. This was before I asked authors to take photos with me, so I have no photos of us. Maybe next time I meet her!

I read my sister's copy of Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, laughing at Fudge and his crazy behavior. I loved it when he kicked the teacher in the shins, when he refused to eat his food, and when he bothered Peter. As a younger sibling, I found myself drawn to him. I was the annoying little sister - doing similar stuff. Looking back, I hope I wasn't that bad, but there were probably moments when I was.

A few later, I really loved Blubber. I don't remember why I was drawn to this story, But I read this book over and over again. I went through bullying issues in upper elementary school/middle school years. Popularity can change in a heartbeat. I think I was surprised by this. I was never popular, but it suddenly seemed like I had no friends one year.

In middle school, I read my copy of Just as Long as We're Together until it fell apart. I still read it, even though it was in pieces. I loved the friendship dynamic and the family drama. Again, I was going through issues in friendship. To me, this book was perfect.

When I grew older, I read Summer Sisters.  I loved the freedom the two girls had at seventeen. They were on top of the world. I never hear Dancing Queen without thinking of this book. As much as I loved the story of their friendship, I hated the ending.  Every time I read it, I wished for it end differently - happier. But obviously that didn't stop me from re-reading it.

Do you have a favorite Judy Blume book?

PS: Judy Blume was the focus of a Pinterest board one month for the library. Check it out!

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